Monthly Update April 2016

As April 2016 draws to a close, we realise that this has been a particularly busy month, we have done a lot we feel that we should perhaps start chronicling our activities on the website. This post is therefore the first monthly update from the 4th Dunfermline (Abbey) Company.

All Sections:

Spring Fayre:

Our spring fayre was held in the Abbey Church halls on the morning of the 16th of April. This was an absolutely fantastic event, we had parents, boys and officers from both us and the 3rd Dunfermline helping out (they were the ladies doing the face-painting). The fellowship and camaraderie was fantastic with everyone pulling together to ensure that we had a good Fayre. The bird boxes with their “estate agent” descriptions were a big hit with some going for significantly more than their home report value. In total on the day we raised £956.60 which is a fabulous amount of money to raise and we are very grateful to all who helped, came along and supported us on the day we could not have done it without you.

Company Section:

Band Competition:

The boys in the band took part in the Boys’ Brigade Scottish band contest at the Brunton Hall in Musselburgh. The boys took part in the Open Contest Class, where they came first. As a result of this we were promoted to the Championship Class and were invited to “play up” and compete on the day. We came 4th in the Championship Class. This is a fantastic achievement and we would like to pass on our thanks to the Boys and Officers who have made this happen. We would also like to thank the parents, friends and relatives of all the boys who travelled to the event to support the boys and make sure that they got a good cheer when the came on to play. Congratulations to the members of the 1st Tulliallan Company who won the Championship Class on the day, and cheered us on in the morning for the Contest Class.

General Company Section Activities:

In addition to preparing for both the band competition and the Spring Fayre, the company section were also hard at work making bird boxes, which were sold at our Spring Fayre. Each bird box that you seen at the Fayre was made by a boy in the Company under the watchful eye of the Rev. Boab Boyle, who very kindly prepared this activity for the boys and came along for two weeks to help set this up. The bird boxes were a great success at the Fayre.

Junior Section:

The Junior Section were on holiday for the first two weeks of April to coincide with the school holidays. They have however been busy since they have been back.

Junior Section Battalion Quiz:

The Junior Section boys took part in the annual Junior Section quiz which we hosted at the end of April and came 3rd overall, the quiz covered topics ranging from London Underground Stations to BB Knowledge. It was a very tough quiz with the winning team even beating the informal staff team on the night. It was a very good event, with thanks due to the 3rd Dunfermline for setting the questions and organising the quiz.

Junior Section Activities:

In addition to taking part in the quiz the junior section have also been doing several other activities to keep themselves busy. They tried their hand at cooking one evening, have had a trip to the Glen on another evening and have also had a go a Try Golf.


Anchor Boys:

The Anchor Boys like the Junior Section had a couple of weeks holiday at the start of the month to coincide with the school holidays. Since they have been back they have went on a trip to the Glen and had an informal games evening.